Sunday, November 16, 2008


first banner


3rd banner


I wanted to order a homecoming banner for my husband, I already told our FRG leader that I cant be there during their homecoming so she said I can just get him a banner and she will hung it where our soldiers can see it.

Help me out on choosing which one will i order, its free and all I have to pay is the shipping cost.


Pinay WAHM said...

I like the first one best...but any of those 3 will definitely make his homecoming extra special.

Enjoy the week Mommy Ruby!

Mommy J

Madz said...

Hi Rubs, I like the 3rd one, sweeet..:)... but would be better off to put the 3 ones to give him extra welcome messages hehhehe...

Take care Rubs...mwah mwah mwah mwah

Jeana said...

sis i like the second one! sis jeana to

wife 2 Henryk said...

3rd one, but I'll change the picture. It's says Husband and Father. I think you son should be in the picture too. Just my opinion

Winnie said...

late na ata hehe..pero i like banner #1..