Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I miss Pinas

Even though we are on vacation i cant deny the fact that I miss everything about the Philippines, especially my friends, the food and everything...
Maybe this is what they call homesickness, It finally hits me oh how i wish I can eat rice and ampalaya with egg or bulad, or adobo.


Lorna said...

Ruby, even though you are here in the US you can still eat those food. you find them in Asian grocery. last week I bought 4 big ampalaya I cooked it with eggs and ground pork;and it was really good.and yesterday also I cooked chicken adobo and my husband liked it He said; its yummy and told me "no bola bola",just telling the truth.
you can find bulad too in Asian grocery but is not good like the bulad back home.( Cebu has the best bulad in PI).

ask your husband to find Asian grocery in your area. google is your friend. :)

I cook two different kind of food Filipino and American food, because my hubby does not like our food,well most of it. his only favorate are adobo,bamb-e, roasted pork,and ampalaya with eggs and ground pork in it.

anyway, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Orlando.

PinayWAHM said...

Yep, that's homesickness alright...and it never goes away. I've been here for more than 8 years and I'm still homesick....hay.

Happy mother's day kahit late...

Mommy J

Lulu said...

I have been here for over 2 years but there are times na mamimiss mo talaga ang pinas! I have ampalaya in my kitchen... mouth's delight.. tingnan mo nalang ang pic lol