Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy Moments - Yummy

mommy moments

 Its Friday once again and its time for Mommy Moments..

Jaden imitating his dad while drinking his coke

messy while eating ice cream

eating pancit (bihon)


 My son loves french fries, fried chicken and any Pancit or any types of noodles, so I make sure I have a stock of noodles in case he will request it at any moment. I also have some bihon and pancit canton I bought from the Filipino store a few weeks ago.

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dhemz said...

my gosh....hahaha..tungab man kaau si jaden sa coke woi...dugay naba na sya ga inom ug coke?

si Akesha kay never pani naka try ug soda..d man jud maau sa bata kay mahilis unya ug sau ilang tinae...ehhehehe

ganahan kaau ko sa last the hair+chicken leg....ka cute....:)

darly said...

my bebe loves any kinds of noodles too- pinaglihi ko kasi dun :)

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teJan said...

Hehe nahan ko sa nagkampat iya face sa food..aheheh! Happy MM gwapa!

Lindz said...

oh what a cute boy, my sons too loves fried chicken especially from KFC

Chris said...

my daughter also loves all sorts of noodles! :D