Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anniversary ring

my diamond ring :)

hubby took a pic of the ring when he got it

I'm so happy today because he got my ring that he ordered online and it arrived safely in Iraq, I was getting paranoid because it took so long for that item to get there. Its a three stone diamond ring in white gold, its his anniversary gift for me heheh sort of!!! Thanks baby :)
I will have to wait for him to get here until I can finally wear it, I told him not to mail it to me, I think its not safe to send jewelry through mail... ya waiting is like my nickname ... I have been waiting for a long time but that's life you cant have it all.


Pinay WAHM said...

Sweet!! Diamonds are always good gifts. Mahal but the best nonethess...hehe.

Happy Anniversary sa inyo.


MarlyMS said...

Happy anniversary!
My ring has the same diamond style with yours and it's in gold.
tke care!

Cecile2 said...

i have the same ring in gold, it was an engagement ring, happy anniversary, your hubby is so sweet! lucky you, luckyus :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice ring sis, very sweet ang hubby hehe:)

JeFf & NoVa said...

sweet. your hubby is one of a kind sweetheart dear... i'm sure you are pretty much excited to wear it and so to see your husbandry...

happy anniversary sa inyo.