Friday, July 25, 2008

The flirting game

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I enjoyed playing The Ultimate Flirting Championship called Extreme Style by VO5, it was real easy to join and dress up in that game. I didn't know flirting can be so much fun. A player told me if it hurts when I fell from heaven, it is so cute. What are you waiting for join Ultimate Flirting Championship and experience what im talking about here.
I know some guy's use pick up lines to get attention from women, when I was still single and we go out with friends, some guys just approach me and would ask me silly questions, then ask for my number. I will just laugh at them because I know that what they are telling me has been used by them to other girls.
I use pick up lines to when I wanted to get the attention from men, once I told this guy that I cant live without him, he probably heard that line many times.

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