Friday, February 6, 2009

I received my Visa

Im sharing to you my interview experience:

i had my medical at SLEC jan. 21-22... SLEC gave me back my passport because my interview is on monday and its ok to bring it my self

Jan. 26
i went to USEM around 6:30, a guard checked my appointment letter (email format) and a valid ID..

** i had to fall in line to get a number at the immigrant booth : they took my passport, 2 pcs 2x2 pics and my DS-230 form only signed the first page, an air 21 delivery form and i was given a number and told me to be seated and wait for my number to be called.

** i saw my number flashing to window 16, fall in line for finger print scanning.. went back to my seat and wait again..

** my name was called at window 23, a filipino pre-screener gave me a yellow slip and told me to pay IV fee at the cashier and come back to his window after i paid..

he asked me:

who was my petitioner?
where we met?
when did we get married?
affidavit of support (I-864EZ)
2007 ITR, W2
my birth certificate
NBI clearance
he also asked me where im from, then i told him im from cdo, he then asked if we are affected from the flood, he has some relatives here and was talking to me in Bisaya,( chika me gamay)

asked me when was the last time i saw my husband, how many times he came to visit me and asked me how old my son is, if he is a USC and asked for a copy of his passport , while he was asking me questions he was also writing down some of my answers in a blue paper...

he told me to sit down and wait for my number to be called again.

window 31: a very good looking american consul :
who is my petitioner?
how me met?
when did we get married?
whats my husband work?
where is he? then he said oh so you will be living in ft stewart then? i said hopefully
then he looked at our pictures, he said you have a cute boy, i said thanks...

then he said, well looks like everything is ok BUT i cant find your medical results yet, maybe it will be here a day or two..
you can go outside and wait for your number to be called again...

my number was flashing to window 37, a young filipino:

who told me that my medical report is not yet at the USEM , he took my air 21 delivery form and told me once they receive my medical report they will deliver the visa as soon as possible, and give me a white paper ..

and today air21 delivered my IR-1 visa,, i paid 220..


THANK you LORD for everything!!


NovaS said...

that is exactly the same feeling i've got when i have my visa on hand, finally all the hardwork is over. now my battle on the next stage here is starting... but for now you have the time of your life to celebrate...

mom2bradley said...

Congrats Ruby :)

Karina said...

Hi! Thank you for posting your experience, it's really helpful. I have a question though, we already paid our IV fee to NVC, is there another IV fee that we have to pay at the embassy during the interview? Thanks again and congratulations!