Monday, February 23, 2009

I got a SOny digicam

My first digicam

hubby gave me this last sept. during his R&R

my red sony digicam

My 4 month old canon digicam was stolen last jan.11, 09 inside our house along with some of my money in my wallet and my husband's wallet, it was raining a lot during that time so these thieves or i dont know how many they were broke  our back door, and stole my camera who was in our dining table along with my purse at that time.

My husband, me and our son was sleeping like baby when that terrible indecent happened, in spite of everything, im still thankful that they didnt hurt my family.

Jason was so mad because they took his money collection from Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar, plus a $100 bill in his wallet. His laptop and cellphone was covered by our couch so they didnt see it. Whoever stole it i hope they cant use it coz i still have the charger for that camera... urrhhhh mga BS!!! They just took whatever they wanted from my purse, they left my ID's there and some coins... pamasahe sa jeep.. wlay puangod..
I feel so ashamed as a Filipino to my husband that this happened when he was here and I was very upset.

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