Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Im leaving very soon, I choose to fly with PAL so it will be convenient for me and Jaden because we leave Manila around 10 pm, I hope Jaden will be asleep during the whole flight, My POE will be SFO then I have a connecting flight to PHL and Savannah where my hubby is going to pick us up..


PinayWAHM said...

Have a safe flight Mommy! Hopefully your little boy will be sleeping most of the time...

Mommy J

Winnie said...

hey congrats! =)
ingat sa byahe...
hope your little boy will be good during your flight..
we flew with PAL last summer from HI to MNL..straight flight for 10 hours..my daughter was good & didn't give me a hard time at all.
hope u will have the same..
keep us posted & share experience when u get here sa US

LY said...

Hi, great you'll be flying here in the USA. Have a safe trip.

sarah said...

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