Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jaden's flu shot

I feel bad for Jaden  he just got his flu shot this afternoon and my Poor little Perry got 3 needle stick at once, he is a little restless a while ago and eventually went to sleep. I just hope that he wont have a fever later on. They didnt accept Jaden's Immunization records because its missing something in it and I have to ask my sister to retrieved his records from Pinas, I wish she can get it though or else Jades has to get all the vaccines all over again, we need his records because they need it for school soon.


lina@happy family said...

How are two boys now?
It's good for them later, Ruby, prevention is always the best!

Bacolod and Beyond Journey said...

hi, try to check your feedburner because I added your blog here in my blog and it says, 1 year ago, try to check it out. Blessings.

dhemz said...

agoy sa wakas naka pasok nako dire sa imong blog mami...saon nga d man jud ni sya ma open kung IE or firefox...:)

musta naman mo diha? hope ok na imong mga ulitawo sa ilang mga shots....labay ko dire!

sos korek...joker kaau ila santa dire kay naa price tag...libre man kung mo seat sa lap...pero naa charge kung mag pa picture....commercialize kaau...ehehee!

sos nahadlok diay si jaden?

dhemz said...

Rubz, nakita na nako kung asa nimo g butang ang code sa paying post.....you need to get rid off it para ma open imong blog sa IE ug firefox.

I made a post about this issue a very long time ago.


let me know if you need help.

dhemz said...

nabutang tuod nimo ang code sa imong side bar rubz.....naa dapit sa kauban sa adgitize nga widget....take the paying post code....:)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

We pity the kids who have to undergo all those shots again because the records for their immunizations are missing. Well, that's part of growing up and the shots are good for them in the long run. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

PinayWAHM said...

Ay naku...hates ko pag may shot ang aming unica hija. Nung baby pa sya I would go out of the room pag injection time na...Daddy would stay with her. Her last shots was just last year...that time di na ako nakatakas kasi she's aware na...hehe.

Merry Pasko din sa inyo dyan Mommy Ruby. Aginaldo ko, ha? Hehehe....

Mommy H