Sunday, May 25, 2008


oh yeah i have it, its my worst nightmare when i got pregnant, i knew I'm gonna have it because my mum has it I've read that genetic factor can attribute to having a stretchmarks. I started applying lotions, virgin coconut oil and many more when i was like 5 months on the way but sad to say they were not effective, now i don't even want to look at my tummy anymore.
after browsing the net for remedies i found this site that really looks legitimate and their product was even featured in Tyra banks show, so i asked hubby to order it for me and shipped it here in the Philippines..
I'm just waiting for UPS people to arrive any moment from now on, I'm kinda excited I'm going to take a picture of my tummy so i can compare the before and after picture, to see the result or improvement i really hope that this product works, im going to keep you guy's updated..

here is the product TriLASTIN if you want to know what I'm taking about.

Thanks baby.. i love you... :)


Pinay WAHM said...

Stretch marks...every mother's nightmare ata yan eh. I have them but I don't really care about them kasi I'm covered up everytime. When FHM or Playboy comes calling then I'll start to worry...hahaha.

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Will said...

Hey!... Dropping by from Friendship Tag Around the world...

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Nora P. said...

thanks for the visit and comment. About the stretch marks i have some stretch marks too. I'm trying to get rid of them by using palmer cocoa butter..hopefully they'll go awat soon.

Jojo said...

I have it too. I did a lot of precautions but they did not work.

Let me know if it is effective and I will try it.