Thursday, July 16, 2009

Military spouse Schoolarship

Great news to all active duty military spouse out there, if you want to go back to school or take online classes for free, MyCAA is offering up to $6,000 worth of financial assistance, if you want to know more about the program visit this website : MILITARYONESOURCE . I found out about this through another military spouse and my husband told me about this when we move in here because they had to attend a briefing during his in processing. I made an account and entered some of our information, after a week I received this message : You have been verified as ELIGIBLE in DEERS on 7/1/2009 and have been awarded $6000 for Financial Assistance. Then since im a mom all I can do is take online classes and I choose Medical transcription for 4 months until a year it depends on me, the costs is $2.125 for the whole course I already talk to the school everything is all set , right now Im just waiting for a career counselor to call me back for my program to be approved by MyCAA. If im done with MT and I still have enough money on MYCAA I can still use it for another course, and the good thing about this is its free, you dont need to pay them back after a few year or what and this is not the GI BILL, this is intended only for Military spouses.

Heres a guide on how to get started with MyCAA:

* first is create an account by clicking here: MYCAA

* fill up all the necessary information and wait for them to message you about your eligibility.

* if you get approve, you can choose a program or course that you want to take, there are Schools and different program in the website, so just explore it. You can take online classes or go to a regular school and community college near you.

* after you decide what course and school you want to enroll, then you can start calling the school and they will help you through the next step.

*when your done with your career plan CALL MYCAA and talk to a career counselor to get your program approved.

* if everything is in order then your good to go..

MyCAA will only finance up to $6,000 worth of assistance and they wont give the money to you they will directly pay the school where you are enrolled.

Goodluck and have fun studying!!

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