Monday, January 11, 2010

For the one's left behind

For the one's left behind: I know

I know your pain.
I know how much it hurts when all you see is politics, war news, yada yada yada.
I know how much you long for even just a hug from the one you love so much.
I know how you get scared when you can’t remember their voice, scent, touch.
I know you cry when you hear that one song…
I know you sleep in his shirts at night sometimes.
I know you cry at the drop of a hat.
I know all you want is a phone call.
I know how angry you get when your boss gets mad at you for having your cell phone at work.
I know how you wish your friends understood.
I know how you can’t watch movies, can’t watch news, can’t listen to music, because you’re afraid it will just remind you.
I know how you roll your eyes when someone is complaining that their life is so awful because they didn’t see their significant other tonight and they see them every other night and you don’t see yours for months.
I know how you feel about the military.
I know that all you want is to feel their hands…hear their voice…smell their cologne…be hugged and held…laugh with them…joke with them…cook them dinner…even fight with them, just so you know that all is ok and that they are there.
I know my friend, because I am you. 

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