Friday, January 15, 2010

the love month

February is a very special month for us because we met 3 days before valentines day 4 years ago. I met my husband online,  he was deployed in Iraq when I started talking to him , we were communicating for about 7 months before he could come to the Philippines after his tour and that is how everything started. Its so amazing ow time flies, it seems like it just happened yesterday . We have been married for almost 4 years now and blessed with two wonderful children.

Valentines is a few weeks to go and Im hoping that he would get me something  like a chocolates or flower so he might need a Flower coupons to save . Im not really sure what my husband's plans for valentines, I hope it will be special since it will be our 2nd valentines day together.

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kathy said...

Ows, nag-meet diay mo sa birthday ni Fifi.. ehhehe... Mag-date gyud kay wat is valentines day baya.. Kami ani wla y plano kay bday ni fifi.. hehehe