Tuesday, January 19, 2010

protect your property

I am really thinking about having our backyard fenced by the housing company, when we move into this house we were told that we can have our backyard fenced but there is a 12 months waiting list for them to install a fence. My husband decided not to do it then, because he said it will be useless since we are on the end unit, and our back yard is down hill slope. Now, I regret not having it done,  I should have not listen to him, why because now every time I go out in our backyard I see dog poop in there,, ohh its awful. My son loves to go out there and play with his ball, I just wish our neighbors would watch where their dog poop.

If you are a home owner in San Diego then you should check out  San Diego Fence Company , its very important to protect your properties, to avoid untoward incidents with your neighbors or anybody in the future.

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teJan said...

kumusta naka diha dear ruby..hehehh! karon pa jud ko kahigayon oi pamisita..mura nako ani malipong sa ka hectic sa sked..heheh