Monday, February 25, 2008

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30 words

Speed test

wow i can only time 30 words per minute.. hmm i hope its not as bad as I can get.
I wanna share this tag to Flor and Jenny..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Im an ASS

December 5- If you are an Ass : A very loyal and sweet person. Your loyalty can never be doubted. You are quite honest and sincere when it comes to your attitude towards working. You are a very simple person, indeed. Absolutely hassle free, humble, and down-to-earth!! That explains the reason why your friends cling on to you! You have a good taste for clothes. If your wardrobe is not updated with what is trendy, you sure are depressed. Popular and easy-going. You have a little group of dignified friends, all of them being quality-personified.

I didnt know what an Ass is so i google it, and I found out that its a donkey.
Its very true that im a simple person and friendly. I wonder why there is no negative traits mentioned above, well anyways
Thanks lira for the tag .


* January 01 - 09 ~ Ass
* January 10 - 24 ~ Slug
* January 25 - 31 ~ Cockroach
* February 01 - 05 ~ Parasite
* February 06 - 14 ~ Bullfrog
* February r y 15 - 21 ~ Skunk
* February 22 - 28 ~ Snake
* March 01 - 12 ~ Ape
* March 13 - 15 ~ Cockroach
* March 16 - 23 ~ Slug
* March 24 - 31 ~ Parasite
* April 01 - 03 ~ Ass
* April 04 - 14 ~ Snake
* April 15 - 26 ~ Slug
* April 27 - 30 ~ Skunk
* May 01 - 13 ~ Slug
* May 14 - 21 ~ Bullfrog
* May 22 - 31 ~ Cockroach
* June 01 - 03 ~ Slug
* June 04 - 14 ~ Skunk
* June 15 - 20 ~ Ass
* June 21 - 24 ~ Ape
* June 25 - 30 ~ Parasite
* July 01 - 09 ~ Slug
* July 10 - 15 ~ Ass
* July 16 - 26 ~ Bullfrog
* July 27 - 31 ~ Parasite
* August 01 - 15 ~ Ape
* August 16 - 25 ~ Slug
* August 26 - 31 ~ Skunk
* September 01 - 14 ~ Bullfrog
* September 15 - 27 ~ Parasite
* September 28 - 30 ~ Ass
* October 01 - 15 ~ Ape
* October 16 - 27 ~ Skunk
* October 28 - 31 ~ Snake
* November 01 - 16 ~ Cockroach
* November 17 - 30 ~ Parasite
* December 01 - 16 ~ Ass
* December 17 - 25 ~ Ape
* December 26 - 31 ~ Bullfrog

If you are an Ass : A very loyal and sweet person. Your loyalty can never be doubted. You are quite honest and sincere when it comes to your attitude towards working. You are a very simple person, indeed. Absolutely hassle free, humble, and down-to-earth!! That explains the reason why your friends cling on to you! You have a good taste for clothes. If your wardrobe is not updated with what is trendy, you sure are depressed. Popular and easy-going. You have a little group of dignified friends, all of them being quality-personified.
If you are a Slug : Always up to some sort of a mischief! The mischievous gleam in your eyes is what make s you so cute and attractive to everyone. You are an extremely fun-to-be-with kind of person. No wonder people seek your company and look forward to include you for all get-together. However, you are sensitive which is a drawback. People need to select their words while talking to you. If someone tries to fiddle around and play with words while dealing with you, it is enough to invite your wrath. God bless the person then!
If you are a Cockroach : Quite contradictory to your name, you are a peace loving person. You best try to avoid a situation wherein you are required to fight. An outdoor person, you dislike sitting at one place for a long duration. You are a born leader, and have it in you how to tactful! y derive work from people. You love being loved and when you receive your share of limelight from someone, you are all theirs!!!! Well, well... Hence some people could even take an advantage, flatter you to the maximum and get their work done. So be careful.....
If you are a Parasite : An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and going into depth of each thing. Under normal circumstances you're cool but when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird. People look forward to you as an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You observe care in choosing your friends.
If you are a Skunk : You are near to perfect and nice at heart! . The examples of your kindness are always circulated in groups of people. You, too, love peace. You wouldn't like to retaliate even to a person who is in the wrong. You are loved due to this. You do not wish to talk behind one's back. People love the way you always treat them. You can give, give, and give love, and the best part is that you do not expect it back in return. You are generous enough. Seeing things in a practical light is what remains the best trait of you guys.
If you are a Bullfrog : You symbolize a very happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be, grim or cheerful, you remain unaffected. In fact, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of fri ends! and go od at consoling pe ople in their times of need. You dislike hypocrisy and tend to shirk away from hypocrites. They can never be in your good books, no matter what. You are very methodical and organized in your work. No amount of mess, hence, can ever encompass you. Beware, it is easy for you to fall in love....
If you are a Snake : You are mysterious. You are someone who can handle pressure with ease, and can handle any atmosphere without going berserk. You can be mean at times, and love to gossip with your selected group. Very prim and proper. You like all situations and things to be in the w! ay you desire, which, sometimes is not possible. As a result, you may lose out in some relationships. But otherwise, you love to help people out from difficult and tight spots when they really need you.
If you are an Ape : Very impatient and hyper!!! You want things to be done as quick as possible. At heart, you are quite simple and love if you are the center of attraction. That way, you people are unique. You would like to keep yourself safe from all the angles. Shall your name be dragged or featured in any sort of a controversy, you then go all panicky. Therefore, you take your precautions from the very beginning. When you foresee anything wrong, your sixth sense is what saves you from falling in traps. Quite a money minded bunch you people are!!

My son is 15 months old

In a few hours Jaden will be 15 months old. He was born at 1.14 AM last November 24, 2006. Im gonna take him to church tomorrow because I didnt attend mass for a few weeks now. I really need to ask for God's blessings and guidance.
I have so many things going into my life right now that I cant understand why,
its been stressful and depressing.
Its always been jaden and me, I always take him wherever I go.
My son makes my life worth living for. My life sucks!


Its my favorite song, I remember listening to it way back when me and my husband were still chatting and we haven't met in person, he was still in Iraq at that time. Every time I hear it on a radio or anywhere, i get so sad because it reminded me of my husband and our relationship.
We never get to spend a lot of time, most of our time spent being away from each other.
He even missed our son's first birthday, our anniversary, my birthday, Christmas, valentines and other occasions in our life.

Its a sad song but I like it, and I like Michael
his voice is soothing, sometimes I cry while listening to this song.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Catanico falls

Catanico Falls is located at brgy F.S catanico in Cagayan de Oro city, I went there last feb. 2006 with my husband. It was beautiful,
the place was secluded, hidden by big tree around it.
the rapids, cascading falls and natural pool is only 20 minutes away from the city by car.

Dog saved by Marine

Military Dogs that were trained to do what they have to are also heroes at the war in iraq. It was so great of that marine who brought the dog back in the states to hea and get better. Dogs are a big help to our soldiers overseas, they can detect and sniff bombs, they can bark and warn the sodiers if there are danger coming there way.
SAN DIEGO - It began with a simple act of kindness to save an abused, injured dog from becoming one more victim in the Iraq war.


Getting ready for a deployment starts long before the spouse actually leaves. Many people tend to:
a) Ignore/deny that the deployment will actually happen.
b) Fantasize that the ship will sink or plane will break before the soldiers get on it, or that something will happen so their spouse does not have to leave.
c) Try to avoid the recognition of the reality of departure - that a small event, a date or a commonplace happening will trigger an emotional and/or cognition of the fact that the departure is imminent and real.

Thus the cycle begins:


- from 1-6 weeks prior to leaving, people may experience:

1) Difficulty accepting the reality of leaving or separating
2) Crying unexpectedly at "silly' things-- allow this to happen as it is essential to release the varying emotions
3) Feel an increase of tension, arguments may occur
4) A cramming in of activities/projects-- fixing up the house, lawn mower, washing machine, etc.
5) Experiencing feelings of anger, frustration and emotional distance between a couple
6) Some couples dent the separations likely occurrence by putting off the chores, discussions, etc., not facing the inevitable, procrastinating on projects
7) Difficulty in intimacy and sexual relations. It is hard to feel warm and loving when feelings angry at each other. Some say "It's easier just to let him go," or an increase in activities such as hanging on, or fearing the loss of lover/support person may occur
8) Symptoms of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, feeling an inability to cope and concern about the changes in the home environment that will occur
9) A sense of panic even though good plans have been made and most of the chores done


- Last week before departure- A difficult stage where some people may experience:

1) A sense of despair
2) Feeling the marriage is out of control, feeling a desire to separate, to run away to lessen the pain
3) A lack of energy, feeling so fatigue, depression
4) Difficulty in making decisions or keeping self together
5) Ambiguous towards one's partner and sex. It is difficult to be physically intimate when trying to separate emotionally. This should be viewed as a reaction to deployment rather than rejection of each other
6) A stopping of sharing of thoughts and feelings

***Remember these feelings and events are normal- your relationship is not generally breaking up or going down the tubes. Though you are both together in the same house, you are mentally and emotionally preparing for the separation. This is a necessary adjustment to reality.

Sometimes wives think "If you have to go, go" and the husband thinks "Let's get on with it so we can get it over with." Or vice versa depending on which spouse is leaving. Everyone will survive this stage!!!


- Begins at the start of separation and can last up to 6 weeks into deployment. Partners of experience:

1) Shock when the deployment finally arrives, a feeling that preparation has not been adequate
2) An initial sense of relief that the pain of saying goodbye is finally over, may be followed by feelings of guilt and emotional turmoil- "If I love him, why am I relieved he's gone?"
3) Feeling numb, aimless and without purpose as old routines have been disrupted and new ones have not been established
4) Depression and the desire to withdraw from the world, family, and friends, especially if friends' husbands are home
5) Feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibility and trying to be everything and do it all
6) Sleep disruption- due to loss of security and the support person; tendency to sleep too much (to escape) or too little. Eating disorders may also come to light, or become worse
7) Feeling anger at the husband for not doing everything that needed to be done around the home fro safety/security reasons
8) Feeling anger towards the military for taking spouse away when you needed him/her the most
9) Felling restless, confused, disorganized, indecisive, and irritable at everyone, especially the children
10) Feeling guilty for things that did not (or did) happen before separation

***Getting "stuck" at this stage can create an unwillingness to move on emotionally and can be detrimental to healthy adjustment


- Variable between weeks 3-5- For most people, begins several weeks and lasts until about a month before return. Most people begin to:

1) Realize at some point, usually by midway in the deployment, that "Hey, I'm doing OK."
2) Establish a new family pattern that works for them
3) Feel more comfortable with their situation , self, and the reorganization of roles and responsibilities
4) Complete successful experience, which ass to self-confidence and feeling of being able to cope
5) Reach out for support though friends, church, work, wives groups, etc.
6) Eat "cruise food" to save time/energy and to choose priorities- let some things go to have more time
7) Have higher long distance telephone bills- but must learn to keep within budget
8) Go thought the "my syndrome- my house, my car, my kids, etc.
9) Appear more mature and independent as "single" wives- you have developed new activities, accepted more responsibilities to fill the void- while secure in being married
10) Experience more sickness, initially, as increased responsibilities are more stressful until healthy coping skills are practiced
11) Feel vulnerable due to isolation from the husband and even family. Wives may feel uncertain of their abilities and may experience self-doubt
12) Feel asexual- no longer in need of sex or affection- or feel estranged due to suppressed needs and desires. Some women see themselves as unattractive and stop caring for themselves
13) Minor crisis can put person back into the disorganization stage


- About 4-6 weeks prior to spouse coming home, people begin to feel a sense of anticipation "He's coming home and I'm not ready!"

1) Compile a long list of things still left to do and begin to pick up the pace to get things done
2) Experience feelings of joy, excitement in anticipation of the spouse's return and being together again
3) Experience feelings of fear and apprehension. "Does he still love me?" "Will he have changed?" "Will he have like what I've done?"
4) Clean house of activities required to fill the void- now- to make room for the man again. Some resentment may be felt at having to give up some of the things and having to change again
5) Experience process of evaluating- "I want him back but what am I going to give up?"
6) Feel tense, nervous and apprehensive- burying fears/concerns in busy work and activities
7) Experience a sense of restlessness again but it is generally productive. Some spouses may feel confused due to the conflicting emotions they are having
8) Put off important decisions until the husband's home gain
9) Experience changes in eating and sleeping patterns developed while the spouse was gone
10) Children also go through a range of emotions and react to the temperament of the parent


- First 6 weeks home- The return to home and family stage. The husband and wife are back together physically but are not emotionally adjusted to being together. They still may feel distance and have trouble sharing decisions or talking to each other. Be patient, this stage will take time to complete.

The husband and wife:
1) Need to refocus on the marriage- share experiences, feelings and needs and avoid forcing issues on each other
2) May stop being "single" married spouse and start bering married again
3) May feel a loss of freedom and independence- feel disorganized and out of control as "deployment" routines are disrupted
4) Need to renegotiate roles and responsibilities. Husbands often feel isolated, unwanted, unneeded, which can cause arguments and hurt feelings for both partners
5) Need to be aware that too much togetherness can cause friction due to having been apart so many weeks/months
6) Need to begin to share the decision-making hat should be "their" decision
7) Need to increase their time to talk together and with the children. They may want to plan special activities of short duration as a couple and as a family.
8) Will need to progress slowly with desired sexual relations, which may fall short of expectations. This can be frightening and produce intense emotions. Wives may feel like husband is a stranger and can be hesitant at first about intimate relations.
9) Need ot allow sufficient time to court each other before true intimacy can occur
10) May find questioning threatening and see their partner as being judgmental not just curious
11) May miss the friends that helped them through the separation or who served with them during the deployment


- Sometimes within 6-12 weeks after homecoming, wives have stopped referring to "my" car, house, kids, and returns to using "we" or "our" and husbands feel more at home, needed, accepted, and valued.

1) New routines have been established and adjusted to by the family.
2) Both partners are feeling more secure, relaxed, and comfortable with each other.
3) The couple and family are back on track emotionally and can enjoy warmth and closeness with each other and their children

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

long distance relationship

Me and my husband is a product of long distance relationship, we dont get to see each other a lot like most maried couple. we spent most of the time chatting on yahoo, sometimes he calls me on my cellphone using skype because it is cheaper. Hearing his voice make happy, its such a relief knowing that he is safe.

Long distance relationships require a special willingness and understanding that can test love like no other type of relationship can. It requires constant communication, understanding, patience and of course love.

I love my husband so much, im patiently waiting for him to come home so he can see our son Jaden. I always pray to God that he will protect you and guide you all through out your deployment.

Friday, February 15, 2008


today i was sitting in front of my computer and i got bored, i tried blingee, its a site where u can costumize you pictures, you can add stamps on it, glitters and many more so your pictures will look fabulous like what i did to our picture. my husband likes it, it was like my masterpiece.
it looks so cool now, why dont you try it, i had fun doing mine.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Port

I found love online, for seven months we were exchanging emails, we chat and talk on the phone for hours while he was deployed in Iraq  in 2005. On Jan 2006 he was back in the States and after 3 weeks he came in the Philippines  to meet me (blushing). He arrived in Manila on Feb 11,06 at 11 PM. I can't meet him there because I was still in school at that time. The next day he was on the first flight to CDO, I went to the airport with my friend Leila early in the morning to fetch him, it was raining a little bit. You don't know how nervous I am while waiting for that flight, my heart is racing, like I can even hear it beating. After several months of  communicating to this man, you get to meet him for the first time. You don't know what to expect, This man happens to travel a thousand miles away and go to a foreign country just to meet me.

 I was patiently waiting for his flight to arrived. The rain didnt stop and it was still very early that it was fogging at the CDO airport. Im worried that the plane coudn't land because of the fog, and it happened. the plane coudnt land, it was being re routed to mactan cebu... after a few hours the plane tried again to land but they cant so they went back again to cebu. the rain didnt stop then my cellphone was ringing, It was him, he told me that the pilot decided to go back to manila because there is no way that they can land at that weather. so I asked him what he will do,he said he doesnt want to go back to manila, then he told me that there were five guys that wants to get off the plane and ride a ferry to CDO instead, i told them who are they he said that they are nice people that he talked to while at the plane, one of them is the owner of the phone and then I asked him if I can talk to the guy, so I did. I was begging to that guy to help and assist Jason on the way here and he said yes,thank god he was a nice man.
I went home and waited for the ferry to arrived the following morning Feb 13, I was already at the CDO port at 6 AM waiting for him to arrived. Finally i saw him, he looks so tired, I was so shy we didnt hug or kiss, I was just talking to him and asking him the details of everything while we were at the Port. Its funny but i first saw my Husband in person at the Port, thanks to those guys who was with him during his stay in cebu, specially tothe owner of the Cellphone who turned out to be my Schoolmate, what a small world!!! Thanks Ong-ong.
My husband has to experience all those things just to see me, my heart melt knowing that he has gone through a lot because of me. I want to thank those guys who helped Jason may God
bless you always.

I hope that the new Airport will Open soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jaden took my cellphone

This afternoon while me and my son was in bed, i was trying to make him take a nap but he was still busy playing, so i left him in my room because I went to get some water, while I was in the kitchen looking for something to drink, I over heard him talking and saying "dada, dada" over and over again, I thought he was just talking to himself, but when i went back to our bed, I was surprised because he was holding my cellphone and he put it close to his ears and talking dada, dada... Oh my god i coudnt believe it, He knew how to use the cellphone I havent taught him that and he also knows that its his dad that always calls us. I coudnt explain what i felt at that moment, it was an overwhelming feeling for a mommy like me, that my son wants to talk to his dad, he already knew that his father is away, it made me cry, knowing that he loves his dad and it shows at his young age he learned that his father is not with us, maybe that is why everytime he see's a man Jaden will stare at them. I know that he is longing for his dad but what can I do , My husband is at war, its part of his job.

surviving deployment

It has been 3 months since my husband went to iraq for the second time... so im here left at home with our 14 month old son. all i have is a couple of friends online, my frg, my mum and sister.
he will stay there for 15 months, and he only get to go home for 18 days. The frg remimded me about the OPSEC while our husband is deployed. we cant say anything about certain thing like the troops movements and any information that can jeopardize our beloved soldiers overseas.
military relationship is a product of many tears, lonely nights wondering if where is he, if he's safe.
so how can i really survive deployment? wee first i make myself busy by taking care of our son, talking to him everyday for alomst five hours online. reminscing our moments being together.
Army wife are really strong, we take pride of our men for their courage and commitment not only to the US army but to me.. and that makes everything worth while.

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