Sunday, January 31, 2010

my sister made it

YES! she did it.. Im so proud of my sister for passing the nursing board exam last Nov. 2009, at last all the hard work  paid off. I promised her a new digicam if she can make it.. lolz.. As far as I can remember she always get used things from me, like clothing, shoes, cellphones, perfume, nursing books and uniforms with out any complains. It was just unfortunate that last year our canon digicam was stolen before we  left Pinas. ( you can read the story about it HERE)

Anyways, Im going to get my sister a new digicam and this time its not my pinag lumaan..lolz You can click HERE to find out more about my sissy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

he got an ipod touch


We didnt get anything for ourselves during Christmas so Dh got himself an Ipod touch 32GB for our Anniversary, it is so cool because it has wifi, I sometimes stole it from him and play with it, checking my blog and FB. He's ipod is more expensive than my purse, lolz... We have two zune but he broke his last year and he cant use mine because the song's in it are mostly OPM and Pop songs which he doesnt like.

Anyways, a couple of days ago he said that he might not deploy, he's not sure yet.. I'm hoping he's not..
And oh my, It's snowing here.. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

My Ruby Tuesday entry for this week is me and Mickey Mouse!!!

Mickey and me (5 months preggy)

Im a big fan of Mickey Mouse, when I was young I dream of going to DisneyWorld to see Mickey mouse in person, I really thought there was a real Mickey Mouse, then I realize that he was just a cartoon character.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anniversary gift

Hubby got me an early Anniversary gift, i told him that I wanted a coach purse before, I want it big and it should be black.. lol.. then he went to buy it for me.. he's  the one who chooses this style.. Im so Happy..

thanks baby.. luv ya.. mwahh

Friday, January 22, 2010

Preparing for deployment # 3

Its almost 2 AM, I couldnt sleep, DH just told me that he is deploying very soon, I know its part of his job but I am not ready yet. I was caught off guard, I never expected this to be this soon, he told me before that they will not deploy him because he has been in a shi**y deployment.. but guess what.. deployment number 3 is headingour way!!!! Im really scared for him this time, he is going somewhere that he's never been to and its a far more dangerous place...
How am i going to prepare myself and the kids?  Im in a foreign country, im still adjusting at this moment. My only consolation is that my mom is coming here soon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

USNS Comfort

This huge Navy  hospital ship left Baltimore Port last Saturday morning, one of our friend in cafemom was tellin us that her husbands was in this ship, she said they left abruptly to go to Haiti to help the earthquake victims there. She was asking for snacks like crackers and cookies to the members of our group so that they could give it away to the troops inside the ship as a snack.
The Doctors and Nurses aboard the ship are from the National  Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. The hospital where I gave birth to my youngest son Perry.
I was just watching the news today and the ship is in Haiti treating the victims, but they cant dock in the port because it was destroyed by another earthquake this morning.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

My  Ruby Tuesday entry for this week is my son wearing a Red mickey mouse hat while we were at Disney World!

protect your property

I am really thinking about having our backyard fenced by the housing company, when we move into this house we were told that we can have our backyard fenced but there is a 12 months waiting list for them to install a fence. My husband decided not to do it then, because he said it will be useless since we are on the end unit, and our back yard is down hill slope. Now, I regret not having it done,  I should have not listen to him, why because now every time I go out in our backyard I see dog poop in there,, ohh its awful. My son loves to go out there and play with his ball, I just wish our neighbors would watch where their dog poop.

If you are a home owner in San Diego then you should check out  San Diego Fence Company , its very important to protect your properties, to avoid untoward incidents with your neighbors or anybody in the future.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Im so happy that Michael C. Hall of Dexter won the Golden Globe Awards  as the Best Actor for a Drama in Television. In real life he is actually battling with cancer but according to the news he was getting well, i can wait for another season of DEXTER!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

my mom's package

A friend of mine who is from Iligan sent me this package from my mom, Im very thankful that Mae agreed to bring this package and send it to me when she arrived in Kentucky  before Christmas.  I was teary eyed when I received the package, I miss them so much, my sister made a collage of my babies pictures, my mom bought Jaden a toy and a sun glasses for Perry.

the love month

February is a very special month for us because we met 3 days before valentines day 4 years ago. I met my husband online,  he was deployed in Iraq when I started talking to him , we were communicating for about 7 months before he could come to the Philippines after his tour and that is how everything started. Its so amazing ow time flies, it seems like it just happened yesterday . We have been married for almost 4 years now and blessed with two wonderful children.

Valentines is a few weeks to go and Im hoping that he would get me something  like a chocolates or flower so he might need a Flower coupons to save . Im not really sure what my husband's plans for valentines, I hope it will be special since it will be our 2nd valentines day together.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Here's my first Red Books for Ruby Tuesday Entry!

These are my husband's books mostly by Dan Brown and James Patterson, the latest book he bought was the  Lost Symbol which was written by Dan Brown the author who also wrote the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demon. My favorite of course is the Harry Potter series..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baltimore Ravens

Flacco and Brady

I have a crush on the coach

Im not really a big fan of NFL but since hubby watch it every weekend I am beginning to understand the game. We are in Maryland so Im supporting the Baltimore Ravens, last Sunday they won against the New England Patriot the score was 33-14, poor Tom Brady ... LOL.. I was watching the news this afternoon and Gov. O'Malley was asking the Gov. of MA to send him the Lobster, they had a bet before the game that if the Patriots win he will send them a crab cakes and Lobster from the Gov. of MA if the Ravens won...

According to the news the Patriots has not lost a game in their home town since 1970.

unique casing for iphone/ipod's and Blackberry phone

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Pexagon Technology. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am very fond of texting before, I usually change the casing of my cellphone every month or as often as I want to, I can type messages without even looking at the keypad, even while im in class I can still sneak out and send messages to my friends . I also change cellphone every now and then specially when there is a latest phones that are available in the market. If  you want t a personalized Apple & BlackBerry cases  for only $5 and you like to customize your phones with a new  case with added text or logo in it, then you might want to check out 

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For the one's left behind

For the one's left behind: I know

I know your pain.
I know how much it hurts when all you see is politics, war news, yada yada yada.
I know how much you long for even just a hug from the one you love so much.
I know how you get scared when you can’t remember their voice, scent, touch.
I know you cry when you hear that one song…
I know you sleep in his shirts at night sometimes.
I know you cry at the drop of a hat.
I know all you want is a phone call.
I know how angry you get when your boss gets mad at you for having your cell phone at work.
I know how you wish your friends understood.
I know how you can’t watch movies, can’t watch news, can’t listen to music, because you’re afraid it will just remind you.
I know how you roll your eyes when someone is complaining that their life is so awful because they didn’t see their significant other tonight and they see them every other night and you don’t see yours for months.
I know how you feel about the military.
I know that all you want is to feel their hands…hear their voice…smell their cologne…be hugged and held…laugh with them…joke with them…cook them dinner…even fight with them, just so you know that all is ok and that they are there.
I know my friend, because I am you. 

staying fit

Ive mentioned before that my new years resolution is to loss weight by eating health foods. I know its hard to return to my pre ;pregnant weight but I know I can do this. I really want to wear my old clothes again like my jeans and underwear. Since my mother is coming I want to  Travel and Stay fit all the time for my family, I want to be healthy and live longer to be around my children when they grow up.

I am hoping that this year I can exercise a lot to tone my muscles on my stomach and in my arms, as im getting older those areas are my biggest problem so far. I wish there are easier way to just stay fit magically.

torrents download

I have been watching movies that I downloaded during the weekend, i cant go to a movie theater anymore since I got here because no one will watch my kids so i download movies from the internet like torrents download, Im glad our internet connection is super fast I can download movies in no time and watch the movies I want on my laptop. This has been my routine for the past few months since I got here I download movies, tv shows, and many more then watch them before I go to bed or during the weekend if I don't have anything important to do. It was my husband who introduce me to torrents, he taught me how to download movies, music, tv series and such online, its a great way to watch my favorite shows at no cost at all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A bomb scare

We just had an incident here on base and it happened in our neighborhood,!!!
According to the FB page of FORT MEADE :  Today, police went to a Midway Commons home after a student discussed making a pipe bomb. Military police searched the home and detected evidence of possible explosive residue. To ensure resident safety, the police evacuated a 500-meter perimeter around the home. An EOD unit from Andrews Air Force Base cleared the home at approximately 5:45 p.m. and residents will be directed back to their homes shortly.

Click HERE to read more about the news!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I joined cafemom and met a lot of mommies here on base,  they taught me how to get coupons and how it works,  we buy our grocery twice a month and used coupons last week, when i looked at the receipt i saw how much we saved from using the coupons, lol it was $20.. not bad ehh..

YAY! I Love coupons..

construction worker

Before my husband joined the Army he was into construction with his step dad, he did that for about 3 years they would usually go to different  places to work. when we visited his mom in South Carolina he pointed out to me a building near Charlotte SC, saying that it was one of the construction project they had before. He can  easily  recognize the  Construction Logos from the distance. Until now his step dad is still doing construction, he is actually in PA right now because they have a big projects there. my husband didnt really like his job before because he is away most of the time and his biological dad was also doing construction, he died when hubby was an infant.. his dad fell out of a building that they were working on...  very tragic, he cant even remember how his dad looks like except for the pictures and he had an article in the newspaper about that incident.

Monday, January 4, 2010

big screen tv

I love watching tv during my spare time, i want to get updated about the latest news and events in our area, i keep track on the weather too through the television. When we move into this house 6 months ago the first thing that we bought was a big screen tv, my husband was so excited when we received  our refund  from the move he asked me if he could get a tv and i said yes instantly, although at the back of my mind i know  that flat screen tv are expensive like a projector and such, but hey what the heck, a big television is a must. My husband mounted it in the wall so our son cant reach it because we know how he is, there was even one time that he tried to throw his ball on the tv, I  am hoping that we could get a new LCD tv soon to put in our bedroom, we got an old tv upstairs but  hubby uses it to play his xbox.