Wednesday, June 24, 2009

jaden's new friend

His name is Peter, we met him and his mom Amy yesterday at the playground, a Japanese navy wife.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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our household goods

Finally our stuff was delivered yesterday, a big truck came over they brought everything inside the house, they even ask us if we want them to unpack our stuff, but Jason said no, im glad everything is still intact including my magic sing is safe.. LOL

I can finally wear some of my maternity clothes that I bought from pinas.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Play online Billiards

I love playing Billiard, I even downloaded it to my cellphone before, its a popular past time in our place while I was still in the Philippines. We even own a billiard table when i was younger, so I basically grew up watching others play while I learn playing it by watching others play it. is offering a free and multiplayer billiard game , what is so great about this site is you can play it at your own room so you don't need to go somewhere or own a billiard table to play with your friends. Its a good way to have fun with your friends worldwide and chat with them at the same time, I would try this myself because I just love this game and invite my friends and sister from back home.


This is our home for a while, we got the housing on post at ft meade, so we are living inside a military base, its quite safe here and everything is with in reach. Our 2 storey home/townhouse or whatever it is called here has a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, water and electricity is all included, we wont be receiving BAH now since we choose to live on post!
We have a few neighbors because this area is just newly renovated or built, all the appliances are new. On monday our household goods will be here finally!

Best Vacation at SeaWorld

We went to SeaWorld Orlando last Month with my family and it is by far the best vacation we ever had, it was fun and educational too for young kids. We get to see Shamu, the sea lion show and other animals at seaworld. We were still at Georgia at that time so it was a few hour drive from our place to Orlando. There was also a newly opened roller coaster when we went there called Manta, it was so huge that I can see it while we were watching the Sea lion show and I can even hear the people scream, I wanted to ride but I couldn't because I'm pregnant.

Seaworld is offering an AMAZING deal :
**Buy a ticket to SeaWorld and you get a ticket to Aquatica or Busch Gardens for FREE!!!!
Thats already a steal if you can get in for free in either Aquatica or Busch Garden because Aquatica is the seaworld water park, you can enjoy swimming and the cool rides there, it was just beside Seaworld in Orlando, While in Busch garden you can take your children and interact with the Exotic Animal's.
Im sure you will love SEAWORLD as much as I like it there, I personally like the BELIEVE show with Shamu, it was so amazing how can a killer whale do all that tricks, you will get wet if you sit in the front but it will be all worth it I can guarantee you that. If you wanted to have a fun this summer I will recommend visiting Seaworld.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are checking out

tomorrow at last and move into the housing on post, although our household goods will take a few days to get here, they are in a storage somewhere in Washington DC... so we will have nothing to sleep with.. grhhh we might buy an air mattress and some stuff until they will deliver our thing's.

We got a little problem now, we have two cars so it means i have to drive and follow my husband to ft meade, but im a little scared so he suggested to leave the car in this hotel and come back until like 11 PM so there will be no traffic and I can drive it on my own, ft meade is like 6 miles from here, oh man i hope we wont get in trouble for this..

hmm I wonder how long we can have internet in our new place!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new car

its a 2005 Acura mdx, i dont really know anything about cars, I just wanted a spacious car for our growing family and of course it has to be automatic. I didnt like my husband's 2 door honda prelude because its a manual. I hope soon we can go to Maryland MVA so i can get my license as soon as possible..

Our hotel is near Laurel race track so I might practice driving later on.
We will move on the 15th on our new house on post in ft meade.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Washington DC

We went to Washington DC last Saturday, we visited the Smithsonian museum because Jason wanted to see the Dinosaurs in that movie while I just want to have my pictures taken everywhere there. :) I wanted to see other museums but we were so tired, anyways we can go back there when we have time soon, its just 20 mins. aways from us.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

MD Update

We have been staying in this hotel for 5 days now, we are still looking for a place to stay and we went to the hospital for my check up and other stuff, at the hospital we had to drop by at the tricare office to switched us from tricare south to north and schedule my appointment to the OB. Jason also signed up for on post housing because we have been looking for an apartment and oh boy they are expensive..

and guess what? we might be staying on base at ft meade we were surprised because today when we went to the housing office they were able to show us a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house , its a newly renovated place so everything is new, and no one is living in that area. We dont have to wait longer because im pregnant and everything so the manager will give it to us after the paper works are done.

Jason liked it because its only a few mins. away from NSA where he works, plus he can use his own washer and dryer because every apartment that we looked into this past few days has a built in washer and dryer, he was thinking of selling them instead.
pics coming up.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

South Carolina

We spent 2 weeks in my MIL in SC, I met many of his family, childhood friends , relatives and many more out there, Jason grew up in a small town, almost everyone there is related to each other. My MIL is so nice she worked in BMW factory in Greenville, bought Jaden clothes. I even get to see Pictures of my hubby when he was a baby.

OH btw we ARE IN Maryland now, staying in a hotel for a while until we can find a place to stay.