Thursday, April 30, 2009


We are going tomorrow! weve got our reservations already and we are going to go to sea world, busch garden and maybe adventure island! hurray for the free tickets to military members from Anheuser-Busch: check this out ----->

This is our last day here in Georgia also, im going to miss this place and my friends I met here especially melody and her son!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Im so glad that Jason change his mind about letting the Army move our stuff because wow it was so easy than renting a truck and move our stuff to Maryland on our own.
They came in our apartment, brought boxes and they pack everything we told them, I was just watching them and it was really easy, they even have a box for the bed, they were really professional.
On May 1st they will transport our thing's to MD and we will call them when we get there if we found a place to live, then they will bring it to our doorsteps.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friends in GA

Yesterday I had a chance to met Sarah a british lady whom I met in VJ last year, we keep in touch thru email ever since and when I got here weve been texting each other on when we could finally meet in person luckily his husband is here on a mission in Ft. stewart. She pick us up at our apartment and we went to starbucks inside the base with Jaden, she's so nice and I love her british accent, she's also a wife of a Captain.

In the afternoon we went to see Melody and her son.

Landscaping in Arizona

It is so hot here in Georgia today that it feels like im back home which is I like better, I hope it will be like this while I'm still here, so I wont complain how cold it is here specially at night. I lived in a Tropical country for so long that it would be very difficult for me to adjust to a cold weather when we will move soon to Maryland. If given a chance I would probably choose Arizona because I know that it will be hot there all year round according to my husband because he did his basic training there for a few months before he got stationed here in ft. stewart.

Two of my husband's Co-worker is going to be stationed in Arizona next month so I hope they will find Arizona landscapes for their landscaping needs in the near future. They have been serving client for more than 10 years in Scottsdale Arizona.

Friday, April 24, 2009

We are moving

yup like really very soon! On monday they will pick up our bed and some of my clothes then they will put it in a storage place, until they will move it to Maryland...

When my husband left for deployment he place all his things in a storage and when they came home he only took his bed so he can have somewhere to sleep with in this apartment.

buzzy busy packing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tybee Island

Here are the pictures of our weekend trip to Tybee Island, it wasn't really our plan to go there but Jason found a sign that say's going to TYBEE ISLAND .
It was so funny I tought we were lost, our original plan was to go to Savannah and see the HISTORIC SAVANNAH as what he told me that its a very old city.

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SSN and GC received

Last Saturday hubby got a text message from my mother in law saying that she received a mail from SSA and something else too, it was very fast from my POE less than 2 weeks!
My MIL has been helping us from the beginning of our Visa process, we used her address because my husband was in Iraq when we started applying for my Visa, she will let us know right away if she got something in the mail, she will scan it and email it to us so we would know what it is.

I cant wait to meet her in a couple of weeks when we go to SC.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have a phone

Hubby took me to AT&T today, I wanted a Blackberry but it was so expensive over $400 so I choose a Samsung, the salesman asked If I wanted a touch screen I said no because my husband's phone is Samsung eternity a touch screen and I don't like it.

I got a weird looking phone instead as what Jason told me when I picked my phone, I like the color in it too, its girly. :)
The salesman also asked me if I was from Cebu, i dont now how he knew Im from the Philippines, I wanted to talk to him but I was watching Jaden because he was being malikot and we went to a mexican resto afterwards.

It's AT&T with unlimited text so friends maybe we can be text mate someday, if you wanna know my number just send me a message.

Opps btw even cellphone have insurance here, grabeh!

Friday, April 17, 2009

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Pictures of Jaden

Im so proud of my son, he is getting big everyday, when we flew from MNL-SFO he was just sleeping like a baby, he didn't get air sick like some of the kids I know, we have a long flight but he enjoys the ride.
Unlike his mother who was so scared during the whole flight.

I want a new Bed

I just got here in the States a week ago, and so far my only complain is my husband's bed is so high for me, with my height its too high for me. We are just staying here for a few weeks in Georgia and we'll be moving soon to Maryland, to my husband's next duty station. The three of us are sleeping in his queen size bed because Jaden doesn't have his own bed yet.

I was browsing the net to look for a new bed when I found rustic furniture their bed sets are so unique, I wish we could get the Sunrise Top Queen Sized Bed it looks comfortable to sleep with. Im sure I'll have a sunny day every time I wake up with that kind of bed.


Here's you package, im going to mail it later...

Household chores

I am so lazy back at home, i hate doing chores especially doing the laundry since we have a labandera, now its my time to do these chores while my husband is at work.
Hubby taught me how to use their washing machine and dryer, vacuum, how to use the oven because I was afraid to touch the appliances.

Before I sit in front of the computer I made sure I clean the house first because Jaden keep messing everything, its such a relief that their appliances here are so much more different from back home in Pinas, but I still hand wash my underwear and hang it in the bathroom, Jason was so irritated when he saw that, LOL of course he cant do anything about it..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are in Georgia

chinese buffet

We arrived earlier at Savannah airport, it was a very long and tiring flight.
Im glad we made it, its so cold here..

Im still adjusting from the food here, the second day I got here hubby took us to ruby tuesday but I didn't like their food, the next day he took us to a Chinese buffet and I love it there, their pancit taste so good.

Since it was a almost easter when we arrived hubby had a 4 day weekend, so he had a chance to took us around and see places, we went to Savannah, its like 45 mins. away from here, went to the mall there and do stuff.
Hinesville is a very small place, but it has everything in it, ft stewart is just 5 mins. away from us, hubby wakes up around 5:30 AM to go do his PT, come back at around 8 AM to stay for a few minutes to wake us up, at lunch he also come back home to bring us food or just kiss me and Jaden, then go back to work again, around 5 he is already home with us. :)

I already miss my mum and sister, I know they are enjoying their vacation now in Baguio.