Thursday, October 2, 2008

IR1 Petition

Last September 8 we submitted my Immediate Relative petition through PHILPOST (EMS) , Chicago lockbox received our papers on September 16. My husband will be returning from his deployment early next year, I hope I can get my VISA by that time. I have been waiting for this moment to come, my husband did submit a previous petition in 2006 when I was still pregnant but I told him not to continue it because I know that he will be deployed soon and I want to gave birth here.

Right now I'm just waiting for our NOA1, we are going to EXPEDITE our case because of my husbands deployment, Im hoping that they will grant our request and also Ive asked hubby to contact a Senator and they responded already.
Jaden's US passport will be here anytime now.

If you are a military spouse dealing with Immigration process now you can call the USCIS MILITARY HELPLINE.

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