Saturday, June 20, 2009

Best Vacation at SeaWorld

We went to SeaWorld Orlando last Month with my family and it is by far the best vacation we ever had, it was fun and educational too for young kids. We get to see Shamu, the sea lion show and other animals at seaworld. We were still at Georgia at that time so it was a few hour drive from our place to Orlando. There was also a newly opened roller coaster when we went there called Manta, it was so huge that I can see it while we were watching the Sea lion show and I can even hear the people scream, I wanted to ride but I couldn't because I'm pregnant.

Seaworld is offering an AMAZING deal :
**Buy a ticket to SeaWorld and you get a ticket to Aquatica or Busch Gardens for FREE!!!!
Thats already a steal if you can get in for free in either Aquatica or Busch Garden because Aquatica is the seaworld water park, you can enjoy swimming and the cool rides there, it was just beside Seaworld in Orlando, While in Busch garden you can take your children and interact with the Exotic Animal's.
Im sure you will love SEAWORLD as much as I like it there, I personally like the BELIEVE show with Shamu, it was so amazing how can a killer whale do all that tricks, you will get wet if you sit in the front but it will be all worth it I can guarantee you that. If you wanted to have a fun this summer I will recommend visiting Seaworld.


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