Monday, June 8, 2009

Washington DC

We went to Washington DC last Saturday, we visited the Smithsonian museum because Jason wanted to see the Dinosaurs in that movie while I just want to have my pictures taken everywhere there. :) I wanted to see other museums but we were so tired, anyways we can go back there when we have time soon, its just 20 mins. aways from us.


W-a-H-M said...

Looks like you both got what you wanted...he saw the dinos and you had your pics taken as well....hehehe.

Thanks for the visit Mommy Ruby!

Have a great week.

Mommy J

Cecile said...

Ruby, mabuti na lang at malapit lang kayo sa DC :-), kami naman nakapunta dyan december, buti na lang kundi sayang nag move kami dito sa texas.

also did ome pix taken :-); ingat ha kailan nga pala due date mo?

Anonymous said...

Ruby, naa ko sa Pennsylnia. MaryLand is next to Pennsylvania. I am very surprise nga 30 minutes lang ang drive ninyo to go there?

actually We've been to Washington DC last month and it took us almost 2 hours to drive there, medyo traffic man pod.

Ms.L said...

Akoy nahadlok nagtan-aw sa bata nga naa sa stroller basig mokalit unya og ligid padulong sa tubig.

anyway..morag hapit na gyud ka manganak Ruby ma claro sa tiyan.