Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new car

its a 2005 Acura mdx, i dont really know anything about cars, I just wanted a spacious car for our growing family and of course it has to be automatic. I didnt like my husband's 2 door honda prelude because its a manual. I hope soon we can go to Maryland MVA so i can get my license as soon as possible..

Our hotel is near Laurel race track so I might practice driving later on.
We will move on the 15th on our new house on post in ft meade.


Ms.L said...

Ruby,I like the color of your car. acura is a good brand.

most people here in US uses automatic car.

My car and my hubby car are automatic.

I agree with you manual car is a pain in the butt. I tried to drive it before but I gave up.

Ms.L said...

Don't let your husband teach you. it is better you get a profestional one because thier car is design for teaching. besides your car is new, so, take care of that. you don't want your car damage or have scrach in it.

good luck in your driving study.I think it is a bit easier for you now because you already studied it.

Cecile said...

I am glad you are finally moving na sa new house nyo :-). Yup, you need to practice driving because you will drive a lot here...i hate manual car, i tried to use it while i was learning to drive, but i think manual car is not for me...good luck with your can do it, dear :-)