Sunday, August 23, 2009

36 weeks pregnant

Im really confused now because my ultrasound in Pinas says that my due date is Sept. 24 then here its Sept. 10, hmmm I dont know I dont really like their services in here, even though they have all this High tech equipment, Laboratories , good looking Doctors and nurses. Im not comfortable with them I know everything is covered with our insurance, If ever I'll have a CS or anything, we haven't spent a dime since I got here every time I had to go to my Pre-natal check up. Weird but Id rather go back to my OB in CDO which is Dra. Rose Salta, its different here they have OB-nurse, OB practitioner and OB-midwife, My Primary Care Giver btw is a Lieutenant. Every time I had all my Laboratories done they wont even give me any copy of the results unlike in Pinas, they said that its all in computer and I dont have to worry about anything. ya right!
OH well I cant really do anything but complain to my husband how everything here sucks.. LOL


Jane said...

Believe me , they will take care of you here real good since you have insurance.

zuveena said...

its just a matter of acceptance don't be too cruel judging them k? hahahaha..i know how u feel but better learn to stop accepting and stop comparing they will surely take good care of you..hahaha...if i guess u have questions then don't hesitate to ask them

PinayWAHM said...

Natawa ako sa 'goodlooking doctors and nurses'...hehehe....

They are supposed to give you copies especially if you asked for it, di ba?

Anyway, lapit na pala ang delivery date mo. Here's hoping that you're comfortable kahit medyo malaki na ang iyong tyan? Do you know na ba if you're having a girl or a boy?

Mommy J