Friday, August 28, 2009

Football Fan

My husband loves to watch football during his spare time, he thinks it’s the greatest game ever, he always explains to me how this game works since I do not know anything about it yet. Once he started talking about NFL he can go on and on forever, he is such a big fan of the game. He told me that the Baltimore Raven is one of the best team in the League; we might get to watch them play soon because we are just minutes away from Baltimore. WaiverWire was made by a former Wall Street guys who got tired of the financial markets, that is why they created an amazing website for fantasy football players. The people who made this website uses all the format, tools and techniques for analyzing stocks and applied them to NFL player and fantasy football team analysis. I am very positive that my other half will find this website very useful and informative because he can discover new thing's and ideas on winning a fantasy football game. is the most comprehensive fantasy football rankings, projections, analysis, research, news, statistics and forums to help you win that fantasy game. You can also access to over 100 Local NFL team news feeds, so you will be updated on the latest happenings of your favorite team. You can check the schedule of each team’s game and also see their current standing in the season. To all football fans out there go check out I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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FaYe said...

i like football too, but not that fanatic. when the netherlands football team plays for the world or european cup, i should not miss the game. football is europe's favourite game just the same as phils. the basketball.
Dutch people are very fanatic. there are many football hooligans too.