Wednesday, August 12, 2009

why am i blogging a lot lately?

why? because i only have 4 bucks left on my paypal thanks to ebay, LOL.. when I was in Pinas i used to blog once in a while and grab opps as much as i can, I had about $180 on paypal when I came here last April. Ebay can be addicting sometimes, I used to buy stuff from and using GCASH if I see something nice.
Oh well most of the items I bought is for my baby, his nursery room is not yet done so Im buying thing's one at a time. If only Im having a girl then i wont be buying clothes for the baby because my SIL told me that she will send all of Davan's clothes if it was a girl, but we are having a boy again so im going to start from scratch again and buy stuff for our lil man.

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