Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jaden took my cellphone

This afternoon while me and my son was in bed, i was trying to make him take a nap but he was still busy playing, so i left him in my room because I went to get some water, while I was in the kitchen looking for something to drink, I over heard him talking and saying "dada, dada" over and over again, I thought he was just talking to himself, but when i went back to our bed, I was surprised because he was holding my cellphone and he put it close to his ears and talking dada, dada... Oh my god i coudnt believe it, He knew how to use the cellphone I havent taught him that and he also knows that its his dad that always calls us. I coudnt explain what i felt at that moment, it was an overwhelming feeling for a mommy like me, that my son wants to talk to his dad, he already knew that his father is away, it made me cry, knowing that he loves his dad and it shows at his young age he learned that his father is not with us, maybe that is why everytime he see's a man Jaden will stare at them. I know that he is longing for his dad but what can I do , My husband is at war, its part of his job.

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