Monday, February 4, 2008

The Port

I found love online, for seven months we were exchanging emails, we chat and talk on the phone for hours while he was deployed in Iraq  in 2005. On Jan 2006 he was back in the States and after 3 weeks he came in the Philippines  to meet me (blushing). He arrived in Manila on Feb 11,06 at 11 PM. I can't meet him there because I was still in school at that time. The next day he was on the first flight to CDO, I went to the airport with my friend Leila early in the morning to fetch him, it was raining a little bit. You don't know how nervous I am while waiting for that flight, my heart is racing, like I can even hear it beating. After several months of  communicating to this man, you get to meet him for the first time. You don't know what to expect, This man happens to travel a thousand miles away and go to a foreign country just to meet me.

 I was patiently waiting for his flight to arrived. The rain didnt stop and it was still very early that it was fogging at the CDO airport. Im worried that the plane coudn't land because of the fog, and it happened. the plane coudnt land, it was being re routed to mactan cebu... after a few hours the plane tried again to land but they cant so they went back again to cebu. the rain didnt stop then my cellphone was ringing, It was him, he told me that the pilot decided to go back to manila because there is no way that they can land at that weather. so I asked him what he will do,he said he doesnt want to go back to manila, then he told me that there were five guys that wants to get off the plane and ride a ferry to CDO instead, i told them who are they he said that they are nice people that he talked to while at the plane, one of them is the owner of the phone and then I asked him if I can talk to the guy, so I did. I was begging to that guy to help and assist Jason on the way here and he said yes,thank god he was a nice man.
I went home and waited for the ferry to arrived the following morning Feb 13, I was already at the CDO port at 6 AM waiting for him to arrived. Finally i saw him, he looks so tired, I was so shy we didnt hug or kiss, I was just talking to him and asking him the details of everything while we were at the Port. Its funny but i first saw my Husband in person at the Port, thanks to those guys who was with him during his stay in cebu, specially tothe owner of the Cellphone who turned out to be my Schoolmate, what a small world!!! Thanks Ong-ong.
My husband has to experience all those things just to see me, my heart melt knowing that he has gone through a lot because of me. I want to thank those guys who helped Jason may God
bless you always.

I hope that the new Airport will Open soon.

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