Saturday, February 2, 2008

surviving deployment

It has been 3 months since my husband went to iraq for the second time... so im here left at home with our 14 month old son. all i have is a couple of friends online, my frg, my mum and sister.
he will stay there for 15 months, and he only get to go home for 18 days. The frg remimded me about the OPSEC while our husband is deployed. we cant say anything about certain thing like the troops movements and any information that can jeopardize our beloved soldiers overseas.
military relationship is a product of many tears, lonely nights wondering if where is he, if he's safe.
so how can i really survive deployment? wee first i make myself busy by taking care of our son, talking to him everyday for alomst five hours online. reminscing our moments being together.
Army wife are really strong, we take pride of our men for their courage and commitment not only to the US army but to me.. and that makes everything worth while.

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