Tuesday, February 19, 2008

long distance relationship

Me and my husband is a product of long distance relationship, we dont get to see each other a lot like most maried couple. we spent most of the time chatting on yahoo, sometimes he calls me on my cellphone using skype because it is cheaper. Hearing his voice make happy, its such a relief knowing that he is safe.

Long distance relationships require a special willingness and understanding that can test love like no other type of relationship can. It requires constant communication, understanding, patience and of course love.

I love my husband so much, im patiently waiting for him to come home so he can see our son Jaden. I always pray to God that he will protect you and guide you all through out your deployment.

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Dabawenya Babe said...

I agree with your post, it requires willingness and understanding.

I can feel what you're feeling my husband is in USAF. Though he hasn't been deployed since we got married but everyday I fear for that.

No matter how he would console me that it's safe there(Iraq), he can't pacify my feelings to get worried.

Anyway, hang on there...he's safe and he'll be home soon :)