Sunday, April 20, 2008

black out

Jason, Aila & me

Jaden & Aila

We have a 12 hours black out today from 6 AM and the power restored at around 6 PM, we attended a mass at the atrium in Limketkai mall, even while inside the mall it was still hot the air condition is not so cold and the mall was so crowded because its Sunday family day. I see a lot of familiar faces there, Cagayan de oro is a small city, then Leila saw me sitting in the benches there with Aila and mitch.
We headed to chowking, while waiting for our food Jaden and Aila went outside to play, Jaden was running around looking at things and the people passing by him and Aila was basically following him where ever he goes for about 10 minutes, and Aila is waving at us as if she is trying to tell us something, so I hurriedly went outside to go get them, Aila suddenly cried she told me that Jaden wont listen to her, so Leila her mom explained that Jaden is only a kid and cant obey her.
It was very cute to see Aila crying because my son is so stubborn and wont listen to her, my heart goes out to Aila, she is such a sweet kid even my husband likes her coz she's so smart and is very good in English at her age, they got along very well while Jason was here.

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Faisal Admar said...

Jason is your husband and he is an army?