Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Madonna Decena

Here is the latest buzz, we have another talented Filipina in Youtube her name is Madonna Decena she joined Britain's got talent its like the American idol in the states and she's been in the news here in the Philippines, her performance is so moving that she got a standing ovation from the audience, one of the judges cried and all of them said YES. Im not sure why Simon Cowell is also in that show, oh yeah he's british.. duh!!!
I can relate to her story as a mother, not as a singer because I cant sing hehehe..
well apparently she left her kids to work in UK, she's a single mother with two kids.
I hope she can fulfill her dreams and be successful in every endeavor she takes.


watch her performance:

source: youtube


JeFF & NoVa said...

she's sooo great.. another pinay who gives name to our country...in UK right? that's really wonderful

i had fun watching simon's faces and reactions and the most is his comment... hehehehehe.. t

thank you for sharing sis... i can see that your hubby is around.. that means your happier na naman...

Anonymous said...

The BAD NEWS is half of the World knows that Filipino’s are majority always had been extremely good musically.
The GOOD NEWS is the other 50% of the World is starting to discover the talent of the Philippines that hid away for centuries.

This is a start of recognition that Philippines have got what it takes to be the greatest musicianship, like U.S.A. had been acknowledged as having the greatest basketball players.