Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jon Avila

This is a memorable day for me, we went to SM mall with my mum, sister and jaden. Its A 3 day sale, I just bought jaden some toys and clothes, then we went to KFC to have our snack at 4:30 pm, when we were almost done eating we heard someone is singing and girls were yelling at the second floor, then I remember that Jon Avila will be at the event center at 5pm because I saw it from the poster outside the mall. I told my sis that we should go and watch him, we ran going to the second floor and im surprised that there were only few people in the crowd, so we had the just to get up close and personal with him, we are a few feet away from jon, I could almost touch him if I wanted to. Ive never been close like that with a celebrity before.
I was shouting jon, jon and waving at him when he look at our way. Me and my sister were giggling and so starstruck by him.
then when he started giving away his pictures, i stepped closer to the stage, I coudnt believe that he hand me his picture first, thats why i had that close up pic above... I feel so lucky and very happy.
I also had the chance to have his autograph and our pictures taken together.
I will never forget his greenish gray eyes, his voice and he looks exactly the same on the tv,
He was very nice,humble and smiles at everyone.
he never got tired of signing those autograph, I can feel that he is really happy with his job.
Im going to be a fan of Jon Avila from now on.

JON you made my day even brighter!!!!!!

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JeFF & NoVa said...

hayyyyyyyyy.. i'm sooo envy of you.. i kinda like him, a little.. not much though..but his cute right?? how is he??? chismis here...

sis, got you tag here...

doing my rounds.. happy blogging