Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I got an email today from payperpost that they have approved my blog, Yehey I'm so happy, finally I can earn money through blogging.
I guess Im the newest postie from Payperpost.
I made this blog out of boredom, so i can have something to do during my spare time,
but now that I can actually earn while at home, now I know why some of my friends are addicted to this. I'm excited to grab opps and spread the good news to others.
My friends will be updated on my daily life, experiences, mood swings and everything under the sun, being an Army wife is not an easy Job and I hope you guy's will keep me company through out my husband's deployment, always include him in your prayers.
The money I will earn from this blog will go to my son's savings, at least I can save up for his future at this early, so guy's what are you waiting for make a blog and submit it to payperpost so you too can earn through blogging.
I'm glad Ms Gigi convinced me to start a blog, to all my friends here who always visit my page, Thank you so much.

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