Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks Smorty

Good news from smorty, I have submitted my blog before but they declined it and today I received an email from them that they approved my blog, I'm excited and happy at the same time because I can get paid through my blog.
In Smorty you can get paid for blogging you can write your opinions on certain products, while advertisers can get reviews from bloggers all over the world and they can advetise on blogs too, how cool is that. I personally want to earn my own money and get paid for blogging its very cool and convenient especially that I'm a stay at home mommy, why don't you start your own blog now, join Smorty and earn while enjoying writing blogs.
At first I'm hesitant to start blogging because I'm not very good in writing, then I got curious because some of my friends are talking about how addicting blogging can be plus you can get paid for blogging so now I'm hooked to this new hobby of mine. I would like to thank my friends who encourage and taught me how to start my own blog.


Cathy said...

well done. it's really a good thing when you can write about things you love or you experienced and get paid for it. happy blogging!

princesa said...

congrat, rubs! welcome to the club :) happy blogging!

Kashif said...

I am glad to know that your blog has been approved for both smorty and PPP . Keep up the good work :)

vinkoy said...

w0w congrats in getting approved by smorty