Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brian Gorell's blog

I saw it on the news yesterday so I got curious and i searched for the guy's blog..
I was so shocked that rich and famous personalities in the philippines are involved in this controversy. YOu have to read his entire blog so you will find out more.

CLICK this to read his blog.

This is his interview on ABS-CBN..


myshadow said...

i can't hear what i'm watching in the video sis because of the music of your blog. i dont know how to get rid of the sounds. hehehe. this was really interesting. i wish i can watch the video without the music background. Stupid me dont know what to do with the music background.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised of what people are capable of doing just to support the lavish dream they are living in. I just wish you the best for the justice/money you want. Take care and go on with your life. Just let this be the best lesson you ever had in your life. Just do whatever you have to do, and remind them that payback can be a real bitch too.