Friday, April 17, 2009

Household chores

I am so lazy back at home, i hate doing chores especially doing the laundry since we have a labandera, now its my time to do these chores while my husband is at work.
Hubby taught me how to use their washing machine and dryer, vacuum, how to use the oven because I was afraid to touch the appliances.

Before I sit in front of the computer I made sure I clean the house first because Jaden keep messing everything, its such a relief that their appliances here are so much more different from back home in Pinas, but I still hand wash my underwear and hang it in the bathroom, Jason was so irritated when he saw that, LOL of course he cant do anything about it..


PinayWAHM said...

Hi Mommy...

Ay naku we have to do everything here talaga. Buti na lang kamo the appliances are much better like you said. You'll get used to it don't worry. Ako din dati I didn't want to use the oven when I first came here kasi takot ako baka sumabog....hahaha...but it didn't last.

I can see na your pregnancy in one of the pics. kaka inggit.

Anyway, I'm in a town called Brooksvilled...medyo malapit sa Tampa where the Intl airport is located.

Welcome to the US!

Mommy J

Anonymous said...

Yes the appliances here are alot easier to use. washing machine in PI we still need to pour the water in the washing machine. here in the US the water is already inside the washing machine. all you need to do is turn on the washing machine; and viola!the machine is working the whole job.(lol)

Now,Let your husband to do the vacuum job...Remember the household chores must be SHARED by husband and wife; and thats what we call marriage. forget the old mentality that the house chores is only for women.

speaking of the Oven (the little one) the oven here and oven in PI are the same.

Don't work too much girl, remember you are pregnant. ;)