Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have a phone

Hubby took me to AT&T today, I wanted a Blackberry but it was so expensive over $400 so I choose a Samsung, the salesman asked If I wanted a touch screen I said no because my husband's phone is Samsung eternity a touch screen and I don't like it.

I got a weird looking phone instead as what Jason told me when I picked my phone, I like the color in it too, its girly. :)
The salesman also asked me if I was from Cebu, i dont now how he knew Im from the Philippines, I wanted to talk to him but I was watching Jaden because he was being malikot and we went to a mexican resto afterwards.

It's AT&T with unlimited text so friends maybe we can be text mate someday, if you wanna know my number just send me a message.

Opps btw even cellphone have insurance here, grabeh!


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprise Ruby people here in America buy new celphone every few year.

I have a lot of collections old celphones in my drawer.

You're new celphone is ok


Eda said...

Hello, guyz here's a new website that
has free unlimited text to all network it's true