Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Im so glad that Jason change his mind about letting the Army move our stuff because wow it was so easy than renting a truck and move our stuff to Maryland on our own.
They came in our apartment, brought boxes and they pack everything we told them, I was just watching them and it was really easy, they even have a box for the bed, they were really professional.
On May 1st they will transport our thing's to MD and we will call them when we get there if we found a place to live, then they will bring it to our doorsteps.


Anonymous said...

It is very expensive to pay the movers and let your belonging to deliver to other place most especially it is very far. We have done this before many times. we did paying and let them to deliver our belonging beause my husband do not want to go through lots of hassel.and besides its very tiring.

Hubby drive his car and I drive my car and just follow him because he don't trust the company to towed my car and deliver for several days.

Ruby, why don't guys try to look an apartment in the internet then call them and make an arragement and reservation, so when you arrive there in MD you just only need to sign up and there you go you have your apartment now; and no need to look and spend more time to look an apartment and its more tiring. this is only my suggestion. I'm sure your husband has a good plan.

Anonymous said...

Ruby, I hope you enjoy the ROAD TRIP with your hubby and Jaden. its gonna be a long road trip and you will stay at motel/hotel every night. don't forget to bring your favorate cds music with you in the car. and the head rest too if you have.and some snacks and water you will be thirsty.to avoid always stopping. you will be stop at rest room every state has one. and also need to stop at restaurant to eat break fast, lunch and dinner.

It is good that your hubby pay people to let them to pack your belongings. so that the two of you will not be so tired.