Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are in Georgia

chinese buffet

We arrived earlier at Savannah airport, it was a very long and tiring flight.
Im glad we made it, its so cold here..

Im still adjusting from the food here, the second day I got here hubby took us to ruby tuesday but I didn't like their food, the next day he took us to a Chinese buffet and I love it there, their pancit taste so good.

Since it was a almost easter when we arrived hubby had a 4 day weekend, so he had a chance to took us around and see places, we went to Savannah, its like 45 mins. away from here, went to the mall there and do stuff.
Hinesville is a very small place, but it has everything in it, ft stewart is just 5 mins. away from us, hubby wakes up around 5:30 AM to go do his PT, come back at around 8 AM to stay for a few minutes to wake us up, at lunch he also come back home to bring us food or just kiss me and Jaden, then go back to work again, around 5 he is already home with us. :)

I already miss my mum and sister, I know they are enjoying their vacation now in Baguio.


Dhemz said...

welcome to the US Mommy Rubz...hope you'll like it here....have fun and enjoy!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Mommy...

Great to hear you made it safe and sound in the last of Uncle Sam! Welcome!

Mommy J

Ms.L said...

Hi Ruby welcome to the US. don't worry about the weather you will get use to it. Maryland is much colder than GEORGIA and have snow in the ground in the winter. soon you will buying more thick outer clothes.

I hope you enjoy winter time. winter is fun you can do ice skiing etc.


Ms.L said...

P.S the winter is already over. the spring is started.

Dawn said...

Hi Ruby..welcome to the US of A...malamig pa din ba dyan?spring na ah...minsan kc abnornal ang weather katulad d2 smen..kahapon mainit..ngaun malamig na nman..hay katok tlga ang weather..masasanay ka din...finally together forever na din kayo...Im happy for you sis.God Bless!!!

Ms.L said...

I like the food in Ruby Tuesday. My Hubby and I often go there.

We are opposite I hate chinese food its TOO greasy. yes chinese food is a bit closer to Filipino food but Filipino food is not that greasy. also eating chinese food it makes me feel bad of myself.

Ruby do not always eat know what I mean girl. ;)