Saturday, April 25, 2009

Landscaping in Arizona

It is so hot here in Georgia today that it feels like im back home which is I like better, I hope it will be like this while I'm still here, so I wont complain how cold it is here specially at night. I lived in a Tropical country for so long that it would be very difficult for me to adjust to a cold weather when we will move soon to Maryland. If given a chance I would probably choose Arizona because I know that it will be hot there all year round according to my husband because he did his basic training there for a few months before he got stationed here in ft. stewart.

Two of my husband's Co-worker is going to be stationed in Arizona next month so I hope they will find Arizona landscapes for their landscaping needs in the near future. They have been serving client for more than 10 years in Scottsdale Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

hi ruby, balhin nalang mo diri sa south florida, kay init ra pirmi. pangulbaan lang pud ka nig hurricane season.hehe...