Monday, April 20, 2009

Tybee Island

Here are the pictures of our weekend trip to Tybee Island, it wasn't really our plan to go there but Jason found a sign that say's going to TYBEE ISLAND .
It was so funny I tought we were lost, our original plan was to go to Savannah and see the HISTORIC SAVANNAH as what he told me that its a very old city.


Anonymous said...

Ruby, there are a lot of interesting themparks in Florida. one of those is" walt disney world or animal kingdom"

Georgia is closer to Florida. maybe someday your husband will bring you there.

Georgia Savanah is a nice place. I went there when I was newly arrive in US hubby bought me a little dog for christmas present.
the majority of people living in Georgia are black American.

Anonymous said...

Besides Disney world,they have also, sea world. ;and sea aquarium in Tampa Florida. basta naay daghan nga them park sa Florida gawas ani akong gipang mention.

enjoy and have fun there. do not forget to bring the camera. :)

mom2bradley said...

I'm late ... Welcome to the US :)

M friend is from Savannah. Her hubby is army pilot.