Tuesday, September 22, 2009

40 weeks preggy

Today is my 40 weeks in pregnancy and tomorrow I'll have an OB appointment here on base, I am hoping that this baby is ready to come out this week, It's no fun carrying this heavy weight around. Last night I thought I was having a contraction but its not, I kind of forgot what labor is LOL.. its been a long time, maybe I'll opt for an induction and Ill schedule it on Friday my actual EDD.
When I was in Pinas my OB gave me some gel capsule and I took it for 7 days and after that I was on labor and have given birth, she is really good in her Profession, she actually told me you should give birth next week so you wont get so big.. hheheheh shes so nice and really cares for her patient.


Dezz said...

Hello sis, malapit kana rin pala manganak.. buti kapa ano may dalawa kana. me wala pa jud heheh..

good luck on your pregnancy..

kandi said...

Goodluck sa labor rubs... It's gonna be worth it...