Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me and my HP

My typical day as a stay at home mother is very hectic, I have a 34 month old son who always makes me busy and needs my undivided attention. I am doing classes online with my HP laptop, so I practically attached to my laptop, my husband just bought this a few months ago, his laptop and all in one printer, scanner, copier is from HP as well. If my laptop can only talk it would probably tell me to give "him" a break, because it is on for 24 hours and I use it for everything like shopping online, uploading pictures and talking to my family back home. My son also watches his favorite video on my laptop and he will sing and dance with whatever he is watching.
As I grow older each year I've noticed some changes of myself, like I cant stay up very late as much as I can before because I am always tired so I ended sleeping earlier now.
I also gain a lot of weight as I aged, I am like a HP Photosmart all in one printer, scanner and copier right now, juggling motherhood, studying online, blogging, babysitting and of course a loving wife. I am very functional, dependable and efficient, I can do all these thing's because I can and I have to.
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Dhemz said...

hello rubs, about tuod sa question nimo...pag mag change ka ug need to submit a ticket to IZEA...para aware sila nga new na imong blog url..sila nman dayon mo change ana sa imong account sa PPP and SS.

if hesitant ka sa imong new domain....paghimo nalang ug lain nga blog para magamit nimo ang imong g buy nga domain kay sayang....let me know if you need help.

mao tuod ni akong or you can email me at

Kathy said...

Kudos to you! Ana jud ang nanay noh? multi-tasking kaau but it's so rewarding...