Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Sitting

I started baby sitting yesterday to our neighbor's son, the dad wrecked their car so they cant take him to CDC for a while, I will baby sit until next week I think, his dad will bring him to our house at 8 AM and pick the boy at 4 PM. They play and eat together here at home, sometimes Jaden get so JEALOUS when I give attention to Manny, but most of the time they get along very well, I took them at our back yard yesterday so that they can play some more.


Anne said...

They are nice to look at Ruby. At least your son has a playmate now, and besides extra income too!

eden said...

I sometimes baby sit and my kids love it because they have someone to play with.

Nice to know Jaden and Manny get along well.

have a good weekend