Saturday, September 5, 2009

My mom's tourist visa interview experience

the interview took about 5-10 minutes, no supporting documents were asked not even the invitation letter provided by my husband, the consul was just looking at our pictures and asked:

1. Why she wants to come in the States?
2. How many children do you have?
3. whats my husband work and me?
4. who will watch my sister when she will come here?
5. what does my sister ,mother and father do?
6. when was the last time my mum saw me?
7. and basically asked my mum about the nature of her business... laugh.gif

then she was asked to pay air21 for the delivery fee..

she was interviewed by a black American Consul, my mum noticed that he has the loudest voice among the consul during that day. Only 3 out of 10 applicants from their batch were approved from that consul and 1 was a priest according to my mum, they had time to stay at the US Embassy for a while because it was raining. I guess my mum is so lucky!!! (nagpakulot kasi ng buhok).... :))

UPDATE: my mum received her visa today Sept. 10, 2009 and its valid until 2019, it means that its a 10 year multiple entry tourist visa!


Cecile said...

wow, swerte naman ng Nany mo; nakakuha siya ng mabait na interviewer; akong parents kaha maswertehan din ang consul na yan?

sana nga :-), congrats sa imong Mama, Ruby!

eden said...

Congrats to your Mama, Ruby!

Juliet said...

wow ruby swerte naman nang nanay mo. unsa man inyo gibuhat nag apply lang gyud siya ug tourist or naa siyay business? todloi ko rub? thanks

shydub said...

Hahaha basta d i kulot ang buhok ha. Ka swerti sa imu mama rubs. pila mn nagasto ninyo tanan with the processing and everything. Plano sd intawn mi ipa simhut ug merica akong inahan. Unsay mga improtant paper gi prep ninyo for the visa? is it true you have to present a bank accout or something like a show money?

jenie said...

good for her!=)

maybe there's not adoubt why she'll be visiting. esp if they're from the older generation. that's one of the factors...if she won't be able to work there anymore and that she will most probably going back home=)

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DebbieDana said...

Oo nga, ang swerte ng mom mo Ruby! My mom was only asked 2 questions and didn't even ask for any of the documents she brought with her. May business pala ang mom mo, and you still have a father, that's one big factor. At sympre, mabait ung consul.. :)

Congratulations again and happy trip for your mom!

Debbie :)

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Mommy Ruby...

Naku napakalamig na pala dyan. Sana naman hindi biglang winter dyan para makalabas pa kayo ng baby mo to play.

Dito init na ulit today....not that hot....79 right now. Maya maya 80s na yan.

Have a good weekend.

Kelan dating Mommy mo?

Mommy J

Chris said...


grace said...

Good for her.. God bless.

shydub said...

swerti imu mama ruby, maayo ka uy ky moanha naman imung mama diha. tourist visa inyo apply rubz?