Friday, March 21, 2008

5 years

It has been 5 long years since the war in Iraq started, and nearly 4000 men and women in uniform have died. My husband has been deployed twice, in 2005 and last year. We are expecting for a 15 month tour now. I dont know much about politics and this war but one thing I am sure of, I want my husband back in a safer ground. Although were not yet living together since Im still here, of course I want a husband that I can come home to, a father to our son, I want a happy and complete family like anybody else.
I guess life is unfair sometimes, you cant have it all.
I've learned to be patient, understanding and more prayerful.
I always pray that God will guide and protect him at all times.

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Jojo said...

Wow Ruby...may pop up ka when we click to comment. Porn sites ang lumabas. Just an FYI

Yes...prayer is very strong. My husband used to be in the national guard but was not deployed. I was so unhappy with him working in there. I can understand your frustration with that situation. Just be strong.