Sunday, March 2, 2008

My digicam

Finally my Olympus digicam is here, I almost kissed the postman when he delivered it to my house and he asked for 35 pesos fee. My husband bought it last Dec. 2007, it was supposed to be my christmass gift,
since dont deliver outside the states, he instead send it to his mum's address in south carolina, then my inlaw send it to iraq, it took 1 week to get there,
after he got it, he then send it to me via USPS because they dont have fed ex, or dhl there. He said it will only take two weeks to get here but it didnt arrived after two weeks. I almost give up, i thought it was lost or maybe someone from the post office took it, because ive heard a lot of stories about lost packages.
I became mad at my husband, I blame him for what happened, LOL.. poor jason...
and then 6 weeks after, here it is..
Im so happy I finally got it.. wow.. its amazing, it is so thin..
i really like my OLYMPUS fe280 its 8 mega pixel, its very cheap in the states but here its kinda expensive, i think i have the only digicam of this model here... i might be wrong though... im so excited to use it.
I wanted to thank my mother n law, the postman and of course my husband.. LOL


Anonymous said...

well I actually got one as a gift for my mom when it first came on her last birthday! its a good one i like my 11 megapix try it much better

armywife24 said...

ive ehard that the latest is 12 megapixel