Thursday, March 27, 2008

How many other

Today is just any ordinary day but when I woke up this morning...I couldn't stop crying.. Some days is just too hard to hold it all in. But then I was thinking...How many other girls out there can say my husband, boyfriend, fiance did something for his country.... how many can say my relationship or marriage is now stronger because of 15 months many can say that they know what its like to cherish a few minutes phone call that you've been waiting because hearing his voice makes you happy, it made me think that even though there are days the tears come we are so strong and there are not many woman out there that can do what we do and know what its like to be so proud of the person they love.
How many other son's and daughter's who are eagerly waiting for their daddy to come home, so they can play with them.. so if your having a bad day just think about him and realize that you are blessed and happy because even if he is away you know that he is worth the wait.

Army families are strong

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