Monday, March 24, 2008

easter sunday

We wake up at around 3 AM because we had to go to church around 4, there was a program (tagbo) and as a catholic we had to take part on that day, after the mass I borrowed some costumes so jaden can try it on, he looks so adorable wearing that wings, he is my angel.
In the afternoon we went swimming in coconut bay resort in baloi cagayan de oro city. Last year too we went there during Easter, jaden was only 5 months old then ang now he is already 16 months old. He loves the water, he was even excited to jump in the pool after we arrived. As expected the pool was crowded with kids and their parents like me, and my sister too. I couldn't resist taking a dip too. Jaden was so happy I can see it in his face that he is really enjoying that day. After the swim we had lunch and ohh boy he was so hungry that he couldn't wait for us to gave him some food, he just grab the pancit and chicken then put it in his mouth, we never saw him that hungry before. He was too tired that he fell asleep right away. I took some pictures of jaden while we were in the pool, eating and him sleeping.

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