Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear Soldier,

If I could take your hand tonight
I would hold onto you so very tight
Standing guard over you… this time
Until the early morning light
When the sun should rise tomorrow
If I could… I would be there by your side
For when the winds of sand and dust should blow
I would gladly shield your face and eyes
When your mouth should become dry
As you journey through the desert heat
I would be there in a heartbeat, the very first
Offering my last drop of water to quench your needed thirst
Through the cheering, and whispered words of love
The waving of our Red, White and Blue
As family and friends held you so near
You wiped away their frightened tears
For when we needed you
You stood firm… never flinching
Many seeing the pride within your heart and eyes
Like the mighty eagle that soars
Above our American skies
I know there are moments
That you will never let us see
Like those of fear and loneliness
Still I see great soldiers… fulfilling their duties
With heads held high, and there we witness...
Great pride, honor and dignity
When tonight the sun should set
As you are sitting among the many others…
Sometimes feeling alone
Thinking of your loved ones
You miss so much back home
Please remember…
There are many here... that love you so
Those whose hearts shall never forget
Being so very proud of everything you’ve done
People that pray day and night for your safe return
All I can do right now, Dear Soldier...
Is bow my head in humble thanks again
Asking our Heavenly Father, above
In guiding and protecting you, no matter where duty calls
In bringing you safely back to your home
Into the arms of those you love

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